Hello again

Hi again I’m really sorry I’ve not been around for awhile and posted on here either it’s been a bit mental over the Christmas period and I call Families the snow and Christmas and snow again and anyway I’m back.

So let me just give you a little update of what’s been happening I’m currently working for myself 2 days a week. And I am working for a play therapy company called toucan on a Tuesday Wednesday Thursday which is great and I work for the spiraltree which is me on a Monday and Friday.

So I have a certificate in therapeutic play a diploma in play therapy and I have completed the filial coaching certificate and I’m looking to do the supervisors course to be a supervisor

Training for therapist

Well I think this is a minefield when it comes to play therapists I think knowing what career path to take is tricky. I talk to many therapist who are wanting to do training but the training is is pretty expensive sometimes costing 6,7,8 900 hundreds pounds.

Surely there has to be another way I get people have to make money and can’t don’t for free but if you have 10 people at £900 that’s a lot of money. And sometimes the therapists themselves I’m not earning a great deal of money but having to full pay for continual professional development on the own.

Now I don’t know the answer to this question and what we can do about it but looking at the supervisors courses £910 no I’m not sure I can afford that but we will wait and see.

So what else I am I hold a monthly or 6 weekly play therapist support group in the Forest of Dean this is really helpful for therapists and it gives them a place to talk through I’m just chat with other therapist talk through kind of what’s going on for them some of these scenarios is coming out and we sometimes have a seam sometimes we have a free-for-all sometimes it’s it’s just open and honest and discussing some of the problems there’s no judgements there’s no learning points this new in a we support each other and take from each other skills .

Ok I will be updating this blog at least once a month from now on I’ve been a bit lax and I apologise but hopefully I will be back to it see you again thanks

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